About Safety In Your Hand, Inc.

Software as a Serivce(Saas)

About Safety In Your Hand, Inc.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for maintaining ongoing management standards conformity and regulatory compliance.

The genesis of this cloud / mobile system is found in an article by Founder Jeffrey Lewis called Eliminating the paper checklist in 2001 based on 25 years industrial experience. However, the mobile technology had to catch with the concept of placing all the work information related to a technician's safety at their fingertips via a mobile to achieve his mission of incident-free facilities. The patent 6994258 was assigned.

We provide Software as a Service(SaaS) technology with two components that can either be stand alone or integrated.

Management Standards

This technology keeps organizations in conformity to management standards. Companies using this technology are assured that their operations are managed in accordance with Management standards. The technology manages all the operational disciplines for each asset stage in the process. For example - if there are ten assets to the final product - at each the user can identify the targets and track the stages through the process.

Regulatory Compliance

This technology is designed to for users to be always in compliance with the respective regulatory requirements. From the management of air and water emissions to other regulations such as confined space, hot work, lock out tag out and safety data sheets.

Jeffrey Lewis is a Fellow of Chartered Quality Institute and an IRCA Principal QMS Auditor A 016262. He is the founder of the company. He is the holder of two related patents 6994258 and 741010. He has implemented Quality Management System on behalf of the state of California and NIST, over the past 15 years.

Jeffrey Lewis has won an award as the best practice process, for the integration of management standard and regulatory compliance technology. The technology consists of a cloud delivering plans to two iPad programs (SHECklist and SHECA) at the point of use and returning data from the completion of the exercise at the point of use, to the cloud as records. Previous winners were UPS, Liberty Mutual, Ford, TATA consulting.

Jeffrey is the innovator of applying bar codes for asset identification.

Maintenance Technology Magazine - March 2001 - Page 25. Eliminating the Paper Checklist