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Powerful management standards and compliance tool

Your workforce gains management standards and regulatory compliance proficiency

The standards are formatted as Plan, Do, Check and Act. Restrictions automates the functions of an operational process within the context of the Standard. Confined Space, Lock out Tag Out, Confined Space and Hot work, follows the the specifics of the regulations and can be performed individually or integrated with corrective actions work orders. Auto-alerts are sent to provide relevant communication.


Build risk treatments, inspections, corrective actions, permits

Develops the plans to maintain conformance and desired threshold specifications. Allows for the selection of appropriate time or usage schedules for assets in the process and sets the predetermined regulatory permits requirements with the option to attach corrective actions

Visualized Reports

Measurement reports for managing your operations

Measurement are recorded and trend graphs automated. Comparative efficiencies for the same procedures are presented as histograms. Leading indicators are identified. Types of corrective actions are pie chart auto analyzed to visually determine the types of corrective actions to drive improvements.

Advanced injury/incident analysis

Everything you need to avoid future incidents

Record incidents and injuries (OSHA & CCPS) for investigation, including the selection of procedure. DART Tier 1 and Tier 2 Reporting. Pie Chart presentation of incidents, type, injuries and types of incidents per person.